for Travel Agencies

Whether it’s your professional expertise or a long-standing relationship, something unique in the eyes of your customers makes you stand out from the competition.

Keeping your customer’s close and improving how you look after them is critical to your reputation and the success of your agency.

TravelComms provides a purpose built travel communications platform for travel agents to produce customer communications and travel documents that truly reflect the value of your brand and proposition to the traveller.

Transactional Communications for Travel Agents
Lead with your brand

Whatever your customer’s travel plans they will likely be fulfilled by a number of suppliers – airlines, cruise lines, tour operators, transfer operators, etc. Whilst much of the critical documentation will be provided by these third-parties, it will need to be communicated by your agency.

TravelComms helps you to differentiate your brand and deliver a premium and proactive service ensuring your customer remembers you as their partner for advice, information and future bookings.

Enhance Customer Experience

Streamline customer document fulfilment

Handling the customer travel documentation received from the various operators and suppliers has always been an arduous task for agencies. The capturing, storing and onward distribution requires time-consuming, manual processing often acting as an unnecessary distraction from valuable revenue-generating tasks and additional cost to the business.

TravelComms helps you to automate your inbound and outbound document fulfilment process by streamlining capture and storage and then ensuring the right documentation is sent to the right customer at the right time – whilst leading with your brand.

reduce operational costs

Increase quote-to-booking conversions

Competition has never been tougher. The proliferation of the internet has increased this with companies able to use technology to identify, engage and convert online inspiration hunters into buyers quickly and at a lower cost. Combining your experience and human touch with clever technology can provide a winning formula.

TravelComms helps you to implement elements of automation that can complement your agency experience to drive conversions without it impacting the personal touch your customers love you for.

Maximise revenue streams

Mitigate Compliance Risks

Securely managing your customer data is now more critical than ever. Adherence to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for citizens living in the European Union is essential and already setting the bar for other countries and regions to follow suit. The risk of non-compliance can cause huge reputational damage and incur enormous penalties.

TravelComms helps you to securely manage and audit your entire customer communication and documentation processes – including those automated in the system and all user interaction with the system – as a standard bi-product and not an additional cost.

Mitigate compliance risks

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