for Cruise Lines

Identified as the leading supplier and chosen as the preferred provider for their chosen voyage, your guests have high expectations of your personal customer service and hospitality.

Engaging with your guests to keep them informed, safe and help them maximise their experience can drive up-sales and advocacy.

TravelComms provides a purpose built travel communications platform for cruise lines to produce customer communications and travel documents that truly reflect the value of your brand and proposition to the guest.

TravelComms for the Cruise Industry, making communications easier and more effective.
Maximise the ‘before you board’ experience

The average gap between booking and embarkation is between 9-12 months. That provides an enormous amount of time to keep customers engaged. When done right, the “return-on-conversion” opportunities for up-sales, repeat sales and recommendations in this timeframe are endless.

TravelComms helps you to engage with each guest on an individual level throughout the entire booking journey to promote add-ons and excursions that maximise their experience and your revenue.

Maximise revenue streams

Keep guests informed and safe

Providing proactive and pre-emptive communications gives your guests confidence that you are truly looking after them. Whether it's during the pre-voyage booking journey or on-board, keeping your guests updated with what’s going on will help them relax, prevents frustration and potential brand damage from social sharing.

TravelComms helps you to instantly communicate with your guests so you can always be one step ahead of them when it comes to their on-board reservations or more significant and impacting itinerary changes.

Enhance Customer Experience

Accelerate embarkation/disembarkation

Managing embarkation and disembarkation is an enormous logistical challenge for any cruise line. The limited time window, large volume of people – all impatiently wanting to get on board and settled – and the essential paperwork checks can easily mar the first experience of the guests' voyage.

TravelComms helps to ensure each guest arrives at the right place, at the right time, armed with the required documentation and fully prepared for the embarkation/disembarkation procedures.

Enhance Customer Experience

Streamlining back-office processes

Delivering an ultra-personalised and exceptional guest experience is your core objective. However, achieving this across multiple touchpoints at every stage of your guest’s booking and on-board journeys relies on huge human resource often undertaking painstaking but repetitive work.

TravelComms helps you to automate and streamline many of the back-office processes on-shore, at the ports and on-board to remove unnecessary manual work, reduce time and drive efficiencies.

Reduce Operational Costs

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