About Us

The history of d-flo

Back in 2011, we founded d-flo with one clear mission: to deliver innovative solutions to help companies manage the document and data flows that underpin their transactional communications – and to do business better with their customers and suppliers as a result.

Driven by the need to establish a robust and reliable foundation for our solutions, we began our journey by harnessing our technical and industry expertise to build the d-flo Rapid Development Framework (RDF).

Precision-designed from the ground up, this powerful, proprietary platform harnesses all the critical components of a rock-solid and scalable enterprise solution. Rigorously load and volume tested, the RDF empowers us to deliver rapid tangible results for our customers, backed by more than 99.999% up-time, round-the-clock support and an ultra-low SLA.

What we can do for you

The information flows that underpin everyday transactional communications make businesses tick and keep customers and suppliers close. But they can also be complex and time-consuming to manage, diverting critical resources away from your core focus.

That’s where we come in. Our simple, affordable solutions are designed to tackle that complexity head on, streamlining back-office processes and boosting the power of communications to deliver maximum

operational and cost efficiencies, maximum impact and maximum brand loyalty – with robustness and flexibility at their heart. We believe your communications should drive your business forward, not hold it back.

That’s why our solutions give you the freedom to engage with your customers via any channel you choose, maximising the power of offline communications and the dynamism of digital transformation.

Our Team