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How can CrisisComms help?

No matter what industry you’re in, communications is a vital part of your crisis response. Now’s the time to protect your reputation by putting plans in place – starting with our reliable, multi-channel crisis communications platform.

Crisis communications to rely on in turbulent times

Essential Crisis Communications

Rapidly deliver the essential information your customers need in a crisis - via email, SMS or social media channels.

Send pre-emptive messaging to warn of a potential issue. Create incident alerts and updates to keep customers informed as events unfold. Deliver debriefs to let people know things are back on track.

By communicating reliably in a crisis in this way, you can not only improve the experience for your customers by removing frustration and consequently avoiding bad publicity and protecting the reputation of your brand.

How does CrisisComms work?

Capabilities to communicate in the most challenging crises

Integrate FinancialComms in to your billing systems


Integrate with your customer reservation system to target the right customers - wherever they are.

Personalised Priority Communications with CrisisComms


Message via Email, SMS, social channels and apps directly to the customers’ mobile phones.

Personalised Priority Communications with CrisisComms


Create highly personalised multi-lingual messages to engage with each customer on an individual level.

Instant communications through CrisisComms


Deliver instant essential advice, information and warnings to remove anxiety and frustration.

"The TravelComms solution has been simple to implement and it has delivered what was promised - in scope, on time and in budget - which is a very strong accolade for a software company today. We are very pleased with the results today."

G Touring

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"The d-flo solution just gave us more - and more quickly. Initiatives we planned for launch in 18 months from now, we are now revising for delivery later this year using the TravelComms platform."

Great Rail Journeys

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"More customers are looking to book holiday add-ons and the revenue can be tremendous. Making it easy for the client to do so is one of the key aims for sales and TravelComms has provided us with this opportunity. The results to date have been amazing."

Olympic Holidays

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"All the d-flo team we have worked with understood the urgency and the issues very quickly and became an integral part of our transformation project. Since then they have delivered in the timeframe we want, with no ambiguity."


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