Reduce Operational Costs

Every business wants to reduce operating costs by focussing on removing inefficiencies.

When it comes to communications, there’s a fine balance. On the one hand, you want to find a way to streamline processes. On the other, you need to make sure the customer experience remains excellent. After all, if your communications are clear they will save time and money fielding enquiries.

Finding a solution that enables this can delivery enormous value.

At d-flo, we help you remove unnecessary operational costs without it impacting your customer experience. Providing an all-in-one solution, our platforms enable you to:

Reduce Operational Costs in the travel industry
  • Automate content collation ­- capturing/extracting core data and collating additional content, whether from on premise or cloud systems.
  • Automate communication production - dynamically creating each communication on the fly using in-built business rules and logic.
  • Automate communication delivery - delivering communications using each customer’s preferred channel, whether offline or digital.
  • Centralise all user-interaction - implementing process controls and reporting within a single web-based application.

d-flo enabled one of the UK's largest travel groups to reduce their operational overheads by 80% within 1 month of going live.

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