Customer Advocacy

Build stronger customer loyalty and business growth.

"With a response rate of over 50%, the valuable customer insight is being turned into valuable actions – to improve our customer satisfaction for each of our equally important internal customer services and similarly with our contracted hotel and airline partners."

Using customer feedback from all-important customers, TravelComms harnesses the tools and capabilities to maximise customer advocacy.

of customers read online reviews before buying a product.
(Source: Qualitrics )

Capturing feedback with personalised and relevant digital CSAT, CES and NPS questionnaires to understand customer feelings on every aspect of product and service. Directing negative feedback to the related personnel for swift resolution, and appraising positive feedback and sharing on public platforms. The ability to turn insight into action converts feedback into opportunities.

Using feedback to set – and improve – internal benchmarks and share with contracting to improve service levels, terms and continuation. Reusing relevant feedback to promote brand experience and drive new bookings, repeat bookings and referral bookings.

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