Customer Bookings

Turn interest into intent and intent into bookings.

From the very first interaction with someone looking to travel, TravelComms provides a compelling proposition to drive booking conversions.

Successful personalisation programs can yield a 10 to 15 percent boost in sales-conversion rates.
(Source: McKinsey)

Converting customer booking data and digital assets sourced from internal CRS, CRM and CMS systems into ultra-personalised and visually stunning communications. Adding relevance and credibility by incorporating trusted content aggregated from other external providers. This combination makes quotations and itineraries look like they’ve been painstakingly curated by hand – and created to inspire and inform.

Delivering communications across multiple digital channels to meet personal preferences. And using engagement tracking to power the intelligent scheduling of associated drip-fed content and arrange follow-up calls to nurture and convert every opportunity.

"The documentation produced by d-flos’ TravelComms platform are engaging, informative and ensure brand consistency. They also highlight our unique selling points and place our specialist teams front and centre within our messaging, thus creating a bond between customer and staff."
See how TravelComms by d-flo can create stronger connections with your customers…