the Recovery
of Travel

As mass vaccination programmes are rolled-out and border restrictions are relaxed, travellers are finally starting to think about, plan and book their next trip.

For the travel industry there is an amazing opportunity to welcome customers back and to rebuild profitability – but there can be no going back to ‘business as usual.’

Health certificates, travel protocols, country-specific border requirements and how they will impact the overall experience are concerning many travellers.

How these are smoothly integrated into the customer journey will determine how quickly travellers regain their confidence, book their next trip and advocate.

So how can tour operators, travel agencies and cruise lines easily transform the customer experience to take advantage of the opportunities that lay ahead?

The answer is information and communication.

From initial pre-booking research to trip preparation and during the trip itself, information and how it is communicated is a crucial differentiating factor.

Travel companies need to guide customers through the customer journey, providing them with relevant and timely information to each traveller’s personal needs.

Join us on a journey to see how TravelComms can turn interest into intent and intent into bookings…