Unlocking Extra Revenue from Customer Data


Airlines have for the eighth consecutive year reported substantial increases in ancillary revenue. 8.5% up on 2013, airlines have increased ancillary revenue gained from retail activities and the sale of a la carte services report IdeaWorksCompany in a recent press release.

Unsurprisingly, Irish low cost carrier Ryanair produced almost $2 billion in ancillary revenue – up by over $210 million from 2013.

From the sponsors of this analysis, Michael Cunningham, Chief Commercial Officer at CarTrawler contributed. “The secret to unlocking this revenue stream can be found in the data that customers generate with every transaction. The question is not who is doing it, it’s how well it is being done”.

Airlines have long been successful in capitalising on this during their customer captive booking process. With a bit more consideration to timing and approach, and using the right technology, tour operators can achieve just as much success in ancillary sales revenue.

Engineered specifically for the travel industry, d-flo’s TravelComms helps travel companies to do exactly this – whilst managing the entire customer journey.

By analysing customer data, TravelComms creates and delivers content rich and highly personalised communications. In addition to improving engagement, TravelComms increases revenue through the targeted marketing of relevant ancillary products and services, such as airline upgrades, hotel accommodation, airport parking, car rentals and travel insurance.

Great Rail JourneysNeilson Active Holidays and SuperBreak have all implemented TravelComms to enable them to deliver rich, better branded and more personalised post-reservation customer communications to improve customer experience and up-sell opportunities.

During their first year annual review, Alex Roberts, Sales & Marketing Director at Great Rail Journeys quoted some compelling return on investment on their investment in TravelComms…

“As well as delivering operational efficiencies and improvements in the quality of the customer journey between first contact and departure, d-flo’s TravelComms solution has supported us in delivering a significant improvement in our post booking ancillary sales. By using data and technology to target relevant ancillary services at individual customers, TravelComms has helped us increase turnover from ancillary sales by over 10% in a very short period.”

d-flo’s TravelComms travel communications platform has been designed specifically for travel companies to enhance the experience of their customers before, during and after their holiday by producing enriched, informative and personalised communications

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