Travel Disruption and the Communication Imperative


The challenges associated with operating a travel business throughout the pandemic continue. Travel restrictions and regulations relating to international travel differ by country and change regularly. Cancellations and rescheduling of flights, holidays and cruises have required companies to respond with speed and empathy. Communicating these disruptions to customers has become a critical activity.

A new glimmer of hope

Cautiously borders are re-opening and leisure travel is restarting. However, the complexities around the requirement to prove vaccination status and or negative test results, along with quarantine regulations continue.

It is clear that travel disruption is going to be around for quite some time. And this further highlights the importance of communicating proactively and appropriately with customers.


“It’s really important to us, particularly given the uncertainty facing travel at the moment, that we share the latest updates with our customers as quickly as we possibly can the moment new government announcements are made. Throughout this year we’ve been quick to respond to changing travel rules, updates to travel corridors, and news on how travel will be unlocked once more, to provide our customers with clear information and reassurance so they can make decisions about their holiday plans. We’ve been able to do this effectively thanks to a communications tool, powered by our booking data, and supported by a passionate team.”

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So how can customer travel disruptions be communicated efficiently and cost effectively?

Ultimately with a dedicated system that provides the ability to create personalised communications that are sent automatically, en-masse and by any digital channel.

Built on the proven foundations of travel communications platform (TravelComms), our CrisisComms system provides the same data-driven approach specifically for managing business-critical disruption communications.

CrisisComms’ flexibility provides a multitude of integration capabilities with any booking or reservation system. Powering CrisisComms with the underlying data source enables you to define your target audience and create dynamic communications.

Incorporating the recipient’s name, departure dates, flight numbers, destination hotels, resorts, regions and country information means each message is uniquely personalised and relevant. The intuitive CrisisComms interface simplifies drafting, data merging and message formatting. Being able to incorporate hyperlinks and URLs can provide links to additional information.

Email templates can be set up to incorporate your designs and enriched with images, fonts and colours to align with your corporate branding. Message templates can be created and saved for re-use with a new target audience.

Once you’ve selected your target audience, created your message, checked it and released it, you can then sit back and rely upon the system. CrisisComms’ underlying framework underpins the system’s reliability and performance.

Enabling a 360-degree, single customer view

Integrated with our email and SMS delivery services provides end-to-end tracking. Using CrisisComms, you can track the delivery and engagement of messages to gain assurance and insight. Identifying if messages have failed, not been opened, received as spam or bounced can help determine next actions to mitigate potential risks to customers and the company.

Securely storing copies of each communication sent provides a comprehensive history and audit trail. Automatically linking these to the associated customer/booking record in your CRM system joins the gap and creates a complete 360-degree customer view of all communications sent to each individual customer and the details of when sent.

CrisisComms has become an essential tool for our customers to respond quickly to ever-evolving changes and keep customers informed, updated and safe.

“With d-flo’s CrisisComms solution, we can change message templates and content, and we’ve been able to integrate the solution with our ACTOMRES booking system. And we’ve really valued d-flo’s support and the flexibility of their platform to help our IT and operations teams when we’ve needed it most to best help our customers.”

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