The Value of Managing the Customer Journey


A very poignant opening statement in a recently published knowledge brief on ‘The Value of Customer Communications Management in Orchestrating Buyer Journeys’ by Aberdeen Group. 

“The end point of the customer journey either leads to a fruitful relationship with your business – or with your competitors. The ability to manage customer communications throughout the journey ultimately influences the outcome.”

We couldn’t have said this better. After all, often the first communication reviewed by a customer is their quotation. The costs are what they are, but how they are communicated can have a major impact on the conversion of a prospective customer.

Making the quotation uniquely personalised and enriched with targeted rich media content to reflect the original sales material can go a long way to maintain the momentum of interest and ‘convince’ the customer. But it should not stop there.

With communications playing such an important role in customer experiences, the customer journey can influence the outcome of customer loyalty and profitability.

TravelComms is the leading customer communications solution for the travel industry, does exactly this.

TravelComms is a unique and innovative customer communications solution that enhances the customer experience before, during and after their holiday by automatically producing enriched, informative and personalised communications.

TravelComms drives engagement and builds stronger customer relationships helping travel companies to generate more upsell opportunities, more repeat-sell opportunities and more chances of recommendations.

Automating the entire customer journey with TravelComms will reduce operational costs, increase return on marketing investments (ROMI) and increase the overall customer lifetime valueContact us and experience it for yourself.

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