Power Up Travel Communications with Big Data


Power Up Travel Communications with Big Data

Big Data has become a widely discussed and debated topic across all industries not least – travel. Companies are building data lakes and gathering intelligence on customers and their behaviours and many without even acknowledging it. However, this extensive data pool is largely futile if the intelligence isn’t applied to improving customer experience or driving revenue.

While Big Data has been successfully utilised in the area of yield management it remains surprising that most travel companies with inherently easy access to their customer’s data are still not using it to transform the customer experience through data-driven customer communications.

Given how the industry is fiercely competitive and resolutely focussed on differentiation, it is ill advised to ignore the possibilities that Big Data presents.  Even small improvements in the area of customer experience can deliver significant financial gains through increased up-sell conversions and customer loyalty through improved brand perception.

Power up travel communications with big data

Delivering Value from Communications with Big Data

By implementing a data-driven customer communications solution, travel companies can truly leverage the power of Big Data to personalise and enhance the customer experience.

In the pre-departure phase of a booking journey there is a wealth of opportunity to understand the customer and personalise communications. Data such as time to departure, time since booking, group demographics and holiday activity choices all provide intelligence to enable a data focussed communications platform to select the most relevant travel information and up-sell offers to present to the customer.  By combining external data including weather forecasts with data on booked activities and excursions you can offer pre-holiday travel insight to your customers. This automation of the communication processes will delight customers with personalised information without placing the strain of collating and producing such documentation at the desks of the travel consultant.

Data-Driven Travel Communications with d-flo

As travellers we all understand the frustration of wading through superfluous and completely irrelevant information to find that small snippet that is vital to our holiday journey. Conversely d-flo’s data-driven and rules-based TravelComms platform can ensure that the information delivered to each customer is 100% pertinent and relevant. Notifying individual customers on any specific Visa requirements, or pre-booked private transfer arrangements. What’s more, using in-built data analytics, d-flo’s TravelComms can automate totally dynamic customer communication journeys – however complex the itineraries.

Using TravelComms with your Big Data will help you achieve increased up-sales conversions, reduced operational costs and improved customer experience, ensuring a significant ROI will be gained from the implementation of a data-driven communications strategy.

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