Adopting New Technology: Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway


As a forward thinking travel business you will have evaluated and selected some of the best technology for your reservation platform; investing heavily in customisation to ensure that the system is optimized for your business. Team training will have also occupied many hours and productivity impacted while going through this process.

With the business now fully operational on your ideal platform, you will be reaping the benefits of the investment in technology: Improved operational efficiencies, reduced customer response times, wider product handling and extensive supplier connectivity are some of the benefits your business would expect to achieve. A good technology platform will also be easing the workload of your staff so you can additionally expect to experience an improvement in staff morale, an uptick in business from your investment as well as an improved ability to service your customers.

However as happens with any technology selection, compromises will have been made along the way and not every function of your system will be ideal.

So when another technology provider dangles a carrot, offering you the opportunity to automate customer communications and dramatically improve the quality of your customer documentation simply by adding an additional technology suite – what do you do - stick or twist?

The prize on offer is:

  • Improved customer and agent communication.
  • Automation of communication processes.
  • Improved branding of customer communications and documentation.
  • Slicker combining of multi-sourced content.

All this coupled with significantly stronger protection of customer data leading to adherence to GDPR.

The result would delight agents, highly impress customers and internally you would improve morale and efficiency amongst your team.

But, once again you would be disrupting your team’s work while implementation takes place, you would be introducing more change – which always unsettles the team and in the short term productivity might be impacted. The improvements would also add some additional costs to your technology overheads. You risk the gains being marginal while costs increase.

In the words of Susan Jeffers – do you feel the fear and do it anyway?

A recent d-flo customer (a leading UK luxury holiday tour operator) took the plunge - felt the fear and did it anyway – and were amazed by the results.

The d-flo customer was delighted to experience a smooth implementation of the TravelComms platform with minimal disruption to staff and customers alike.

d-flo’s TravelComms platform has introduced automated communication and documentation processes that integrate fully with the customer’s ATCOMRES reservation system.

Beautifully laid out, tailored quotations, are now being produced encompassing rich destination content pulled from Content Management System (CMS) lookups.

Branded, elegant travel documents with accompanying detailed destination content are impressing agents and customer alike.

Documentation creation, editing and storage is meeting GDPR requirements – with all customer data access being logged and available for audit along with implementation of customized data storage retention and deletion rules.

What was once a cumbersome communication process (producing an adequate but inelegant quotation or customer travel document) has been transformed: - It is now simple, quick and the result is beautiful. This delighted tour operator is producing customer documentation that perfectly represents their premium brand.

If there was ever likely to be resistance to these changes from the staff – they have been overcome in a flash.

And the customer was so delighted that without even being asked they contacted the CEO of d-flo to extol the virtues of TravelComms:

"I must admit that “Go Live” went more smoothly than I expected. Although we unearthed a few issues, most of them were fixed quickly and certainly the “downs” were far outweighed by the positive comments. Our teams here love the system (once they got over their dislike of change) and think it is simple to use and quicker than our old one. And the feedback from travel agents has been overwhelmingly positive – they just love our new look documentation, so fingers crossed, it helps to generate some more business too."

So, if you are in any doubt about taking the next step with your technology – the answer is a resounding YES – Feel the fear and do it anyway- (but take the time to make a good choice of choice technology partner!)

d-flo’s TravelComms travel communications platform has been widely adopted throughout the UK and Scandinavia, including Great Rail Journeys, Hurtigruten, Neilson Active Holidays, Riviera Travel and SuperBreak.

If you are interested in exploring how to improve your customer communications and overall customer experience then contact d-flo on +44 (0)20 3582 5210 or via for a confidential discussion.

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