d-flo Launches the Essential CrisisComms Tool


d-flo, the innovative customer communications specialist, has launched CrisisComms to provide travel companies with the ability of easily communicating with their customers and protecting their reputation and business during a crisis.

London, 15 May 2017: d-flo Limited launches CrisisComms, a new product that empowers travel companies with the ability to reach customers with essential advice, information and warnings in a crisis.

Crises are a fact of life and sadly becoming all too common. They cannot be controlled and cannot be predicted. Having a crisis management PR agency on speed dial makes good sense for a travel company - but the ability to make contact instantly with customers caught up in or about to be impacted by a crisis to offer reassurance and advice is invaluable.
CrisisComms provides a fast, simple method for contacting customers in an emergency via the essential item everyone carries with them – their mobile phone.

d-flo’s new CrisisComms system is based on the proven technology behind the company’s acclaimed TravelComms travel communications platform. It brings together a selection of new modules, services and a simple user interface for the job of reaching and reassuring travellers caught up in an emergency.

The travel company can quickly define the target audience for any messages by pulling data directly from the booking system and applying appropriate filters, for instance creating a list of those about to travel to or already in destination. The travel company can then select the right mix of channels for its message from a menu of email, SMS, various social media platforms and in-app messaging and type a personalised, relevant dispatch - branded where applicable.

For instance, a company can send out an initial holding statement by SMS, then update social channels and broadcast further SMS throughout the crisis period on how it is managing and handling the emergency. In addition, the company can send out a branded email to those scheduled to travel to the destination, providing advice and updates on their anticipated travel plans.

Colin Brimson, Co-Founder and CEO of d-flo Limited commented: “The world is a turbulent place with travellers swept up into geo-political upheavals, natural disasters and medical emergencies, from this year’s political upheaval in Gambia to avalanches in Austria and France and Mount Etna’s volcanic eruption. Above all, the spread of acts of terrorism across continents and countries now tops the list of travellers’ anxieties.

People still want to travel but safety and security is increasingly top of mind and impacting on their choice of travel company and destination. A business that fails to install confidence and convince customers that it has a plan in place to keep them safe and informed risks brand damage, anxious customers and stressed-out staff who have to deal with the calls for information.

CrisisComms will fill a gaping hole for crisis communications management. It allows travel companies to take control of the situation and remove potential anxiety, frustration and damage caused by lack of communication. It’s been packaged to be a low-cost and scalable solution that travel companies can adopt and switch on when an unforeseen, disruptive event occurs.”

For further information on d-flo and TravelComms, contact d-flo on +44 (0)20 3582 5210 or info@dflo.co.uk.

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