Keeping Your Customers Informed

Register for one of our webinars to discover how to keep your customers informed and on side during the Coronavirus outbreak.

The ongoing Novel Coronavirus outbreak is presenting many challenges for the travel industry.

To keep up with ever-changing news, travel businesses must take responsibility for keeping customers informed of any disruptions to their bookings, in a manner that’s speedy, personalised, and factual. Failure to do so may result in further customer frustration, especially given the constant media updates presenting conflicting opinions and causing mass confusion.

Managed the right way, your crisis response could be the difference between lost customers and competitive differentiation.

From sending pre-emptive messages that warn of a potential issue, to creating incident alerts that keep customers informed as events unfold. Join our webinar to discover how our reliable, multi-channel CrisisComms system rapidly delivers the essential information your customers need during a crisis.

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