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As the leading independent tour operating company in Scandinavia, Travelco Nordic understands how the digital lifestyle is central to service and communication. Embarking on a project to implement ATCORE’s ATCOMRES reservation system, Travelco Nordic identified its constraints and the need for a specialist solution to create more professional and personalised customer communications. With tour operations in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland, d-flo’s TravelComms was selected to provide the required personalisation along with the flexibility to support the specific local branding, languages, currencies and legislation in each of their markets.


As part of implementing a new web platform and customer reservation system, Travelco Nordic discovered that their customer communications were not aligned to the company’s branding expectations. The unbranded and plain-text ticket customers would have finally received just before going on holiday had lost all the glamour of the initial holiday ‘dream’ they had bought into.

"The business benefits for choosing TravelComms included the economies of scale of building one model and localising it across five different countries. d-flo’s knowledge of technology, the travel industry and their experience with ATCORE’s systems was evident in the speed in which they were able to deliver the solution and make changes. TravelComms will now be used for any additional brands the Travelco Nordic develops or acquires in the future."


Seeing how other tour operators had benefited from using TravelComms with ATCORE’s ATCOMRES reservation system, Travelco Nordic quickly identified how it could fulfill all their customer communication requirements.

With a tight time frame planned for the rollout of ATCOMRES across Travelco Nordic's tour operators, TravelComms’ flexibility and d-flo’s rapid delivery enabled a record speed implementation.

Now producing customer communications for all Travelco Nordic’s tour operators from the centralised platform, TravelComms automatically manages the individual nuances for each of their markets in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland. TravelComms now ensures they are each localised with branding, currencies, languages and legislation – in addition to the unique document types required for each.

Customer communications are now delivered as responsive HTML emails making them as easy to read on a mobile as it is on a laptop or tablet. Embedded URL links provide access to additional information and a unique hash URL bypasses the Manage My Booking login page to take the customer directly to their booking details and communications.

The improved email dialogue with customers, strongly coupled with the website, will now help Travelco Nordic engage better with their customer and sell more profitable ‘extras’ prior to departure.

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