Sunvil - Using TravelComms

Sunvil, a highly respected UK Tour Operator, renowned for their specialist holidays to Greece and Cyprus along with tailor made adventures to Latin America has partnered with d-flo for customer communications. This mid-sized tour operator has seized the opportunity to improve the quality and relevance of their customer travel communications and implement GDPR compliant communication processes by integrating TravelComms from d-flo into their business processes.


Sunvil has always prided itself on the quality and depth of information provided to both its returning and first-time customers. However, as the business has grown, the customer profile has increased in diversity. The growth in customer numbers and diversity inspired Sunvil to seek a way to introduce a level of increased automation but more importantly, service customers according to their interests and their preferred communication means. Sunvil’s strategic initiative to update their brand and website along with the pressing GDPR challenges presented the perfect opportunity to overhaul the customer communication processes.

"d-flo has proved themselves to be collaborative, sharing ownership of challenges and delivering on their promises. We have developed a strong working relationship with d-flo over the course of the implementation and expect to benefit significantly from the improvement to our customer communication processes."


Finding an ideal approach from d-flo, Sunvil committed to implementing TravelComms. Working with Sunvil’s Tigerbay reservation system, automated processes were built in TravelComms to trigger personalised and enriched travel communications from the booking data for each stage of the booking journey.

Sunvil is able to provide their customers with premium branded travel packs that are comprehensive and individually tailored to the customer, so driving deeper customer engagement. The flexibility of TravelComms ensures customers can be served as they choose – whether by email or traditional print and post – enabling them to identify more closely with the Sunvil brand.

As part of this strategic project it was imperative that Sunvil address the requirements of GDPR regulation and TravelComms has greatly assisted by automating:

  • The underlying processes for creating and distributing communications;
  • Secure storage of all communications with defined retention periods;
  • Full tracking and auditing of all emailed communications and engagement.
  • Creation of all user activity audit logs within the TravelComms system.

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