Olympic Holidays

Olympic Holidays, the well-known tour operator that carries over 200,000 holidaymakers to European and long-haul destinations, has been using d-flo’s TravelComms solution to manage their customer communications since early 2015. Identifying the revenue opportunities from simplifying their customers holiday preparations and offering a one-stop shop for all holiday add-ons, Olympic Holidays signed up to use d-flo’s new TravelComms Ancillary Pack.


Improving the standard customer documentation from ATCORE’s ATCOMRES reservation system, Olympic Holidays initially implemented TravelComms to enhance their customers booking journey experience. In a very short period of time, TravelComms enabled Olympic Holidays to produce more personalised and meaningful communications to build upon its brand identity and increase customer engagement.

Wanting to focus more on their customer experience and increase both up-sales and the chances of repeat sales, Olympic Holidays was keen to find a way to promote relevant ancillary products to individual customers.

"More customers are looking to book holiday add-ons and the revenue can be tremendous. Making it easy for the client to do so is one of the key aims for sales and TravelComms has provided us with this opportunity. The results to date have been amazing."


The first tour operator using TravelComms to adopt the new Ancillary Pack, Olympic Holidays engaged with d-flo and its partners Holiday Extras and Paxport to cleverly promote airport and airline ancillary products. d-flo and Olympic Holidays worked together to carefully craft three Holiday Countdown emails to be sent out at four weeks, two weeks and two days before departure to engage and excite customers about their forthcoming holidays.

Each countdown provides meaningful information and checklist reminders for the often last-minute - and sometimes overlooked - holiday add-ons. Using context-based rules and seamless API integration with Holiday Extras and Paxport, the countdowns promote relevant ancillary products with best current prices and dynamic links to view real-time availability - and book. So, whether an airport hotel for a young family with an early morning flight or a luxury lounge for those child-free, the Ancillary Pack ensures the right products are always promoted to the right customer.

Removing all manual intervention, the highly personalised Holiday Countdowns are automatically generated at the right time in the customer's booking journey and emailed via d-flo’s Guaranteed Mail.

The initial results have been compelling and far exceeded expectations. During Olympic Holidays’ peak departure period, ancillary sales revenue for airline-focused extras, supplied by Paxport, jumped by nearly a quarter (24.6%) year on-year. The conversion rate for those clicking on relevant links rose 23% and the number of bookings rose 24.4%. Over the same period, Holiday Extras’ airport products, such as hotel reservations and car parking, also boomed with sales revenue jumping up 365% from a 404% increase in bookings. Looking exclusively at the August figures, sales revenue climbed 409% and bookings rose 420%.

Olympic Holidays is now planning further ways of using more of TravelComms and the Ancillary Pack’s functionality. It intends to add other attractive ancillary products – such as foreign currency, car hire and in-resort excursions – to provide a complete one-stop holiday shop. And leveraging Guaranteed Mail’s smart email technology, Olympic Holidays will be able to track customer engagement and perform A/B split testing to maximise the impact of each Countdown’s content and presentation.

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