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Christie’s is a name and place that speaks of extraordinary art, unparalleled service and expertise, as well as international glamour. Since its foundation in 1766 by James Christie, customers of the greatest and most celebrated auctions through the centuries have had the highest of expectations. Now with a global presence in 32 countries, and 12 salerooms around the world, meeting those expectations continues to be a key operational objective.


In June 2013, when very close to rolling out a global upgrade of Christie’s core system, a particular challenge emerged around integration with the document processing and production element of the project. With a pressing planned roll-out schedule rapidly approaching, a robust solution was needed quickly.

d-flo were invited to demonstrate their expertise in Bottomline Technologies’ Transform software and to prove how their Rapid Development Framework (RDF) would prevent disruption to Christie’s business critical processes. Following this success, d-flo consultants were soon embedded into the Christie’s IT team to help implement the RDF and migrate their existing document processes.

"All the d-flo team we have worked with understood the urgency and the issues very quickly and became an integral part of our transformation project. Since then they have delivered in the timeframe we want, with no ambiguity."


Integration into Christie’s own team and working in partnership with them was a key factor in the speed with which the re-architected solution was delivered. Vigorous testing clearly demonstrated the solution to be robust and resilient. When rolled out (to the original schedule) operational users noticed significant improvements to both performance and reliability.

d-fo confidently committed to a 24/7/365 support plan to ensure Christie’s premium brand and service are maintained at optimum levels across its global operations.

Since the initial relationship was formed, further work alongside Christie’s IT team has seen the evolution of a true partnership, with d-flo contributing both to strategic planning and execution of Christie’s IT projects to meet operational needs in the most cost-effective way possible.

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