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As the leading independent tour operating company in Denmark, Bravo Tours understands how the digital lifestyle is central to service and communication.

Embarking on a project to implement ATCORE’s ATCOMRES reservation system, Bravo Tours identified its constraints and the need for a specialist solution to manage the end-to-end customer communications journey. Being the leading travel communications platform with proven ATCOMRES integration, d-flo’s TravelComms was selected to power dynamic and data-driven customer communications.


As part of implementing ATCOMRES, Bravo Tours discovered that their customer communications were not aligned to the company’s branding expectations. The basic documentation had none of the glamour of the holiday ‘dream’ and they needed a solution to promote relevant up-sales throughout the post-booking journey. It was also critical to capture customer feedback following their trip and utilise it to measure and improve their customer service and drive new customer bookings.

"The business benefits for choosing TravelComms included the ATCOMRES integration, automation and flexibility of the platform. d-flo’s knowledge of technology, the travel industry and their agility has helped us to deliver an exciting customer communications journey."


Seeing how other tour operators had benefited from using TravelComms with ATCORE’s ATCOMRES reservation system, Bravo Tours quickly identified how it could fulfil all their customer communication requirements.

With a tight go-live time frame, TravelComms’ flexibility and d-flo’s rapid delivery enabled a record speed implementation.

The implemented customer communications journey is dynamic and data-driven – with every communication being uniquely personalised and contextually meaningful to each customer. Assisted by d-flo’s in-house design service, all of the new PDF documents and HTML emails have been redesigned to be rich in content, clearly presented and brand aligned. Excitement has been brought to the transactional communications which have been complimented with experiential communications designed to increase engagement, customer experience and maximise revenue. A series of “countdown” emails now promote a number of pre-departure customer services, such as advance check-in and latest COVID travel protocols. Airline add-ons (including airline seat reservation, luggage and meals) and in-destination excursions are also now being promoted at various stages of the booking journey and relevant to the customer, what they have booked and where they are going.

Customer feedback is now being captured through equally relevant digital customer service questionnaires (CSQs) driven by the post-trip “Welcome Home” communications. Turning insight into action, the customer feedback is being used to help improve both the booking journey and in-destination customer experience, and monitor the service levels of third-parties.

Fully automated and driven by customer data, TravelComms has enabled Bravo Tours to deliver a more enriched customer experience with the flexibility to change the content and timing of the communications throughout the journey. Reliance on the automated solution has provided many business efficiencies and given Bravo Tours the confidence to rely on technology for this critical customer experience and focus on core operations.

"Utilising TravelComms to manage our Customer Service Questionnaires has made this very important business requirement a seamless part of the customer journey and is helping us turn feedback into opportunities. With a response rate of over 50%, the customer insight is being turned into valuable actions – to improve our customer satisfaction for each of our equally important internal customer services, and similarly with our contracted hotel and airline partners.”

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