Crisis communications that protect your customers – and your brand

How can you keep your customers up to speed when things don’t go to plan?

When a crisis unfolds, communications that miss the mark can stretch your operational resources to the limit and cause reputational and financial damage to your brand.

CrisisComms represents a real-time, effective way to communicate the right message at the right time to the right audience, for minimum frustration and financial impact all round.

CrisisComms gives you the power to:

  • Utilise back-end data to target the right audience - wherever they are
  • Create highly personalised multi-lingual messages to individually engage with each customer
  • Instantly communicate via email, SMS, social channels and apps directly with customers
  • Deliver essential advice, information and warnings to eliminate anxiety and frustration

In this ever changing world, the need to be able to communicate with customers quickly and efficiently is ever more important. CrisisComms is the perfect solution.
Communication with our customers and staff whilst on tour is key in a crisis. CrisisComms quickly and efficiently unlocked an instant communications challenge for us.

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