Berendsen provides innovative industrial textile services to customers in the healthcare, hospitality, industrial, commercial and public sectors. With over 7,000 employees working at 45 sites across the UK, Berendsen is able to provide dynamic, cost effective solutions thanks to its experience and know how in textiles, business operations and logistics.


With the need to produce in excess of 25,000 highly detailed invoices with multiple layouts and deliver using their customers preferred channel in a single cycle each month, billing is an exceedingly complex operation. Although Berendsen had already implemented Bottomline Technologies’ FormScape software to help manage this process, it took many out of business hours of processing and a lot of inconvenient operational monitoring and manual intervention.
When the software used needed migrating to Bottomline’s latest Transform product, Berendsen looked to improve their resource intensive and time-consuming customer billing process through further process automation.


As an approved Bottomline Partner with a unique pre-built and proven Transform framework, d-flo were asked to upgrade Berendsen’s solution and further improve their critical customer billing process. d-flo understood the issues that Berendsen faced and proposed a cost-effective migration of their billing process to the d-flo Rapid Development Framework (RDF).

The d-flo RDF quickly delivered on its promises:

  • automating the complete end-to-end billing process and removing any ‘babysitting’;
  • using intelligent load balancing across multiple servers to remove processing bottlenecks;
  • utilising more efficient processing and dramatically reducing billing run times (up to 40%);
  • and most importantly, ensuring business critical reliability and robustness.


We finally feel in control of our billing process. In such a complex operation as ours, reliability of what we bill customers is key. The Rapid Development Framework helped us recognise that things we thought were not possible to do with our software could actually be achieved – if you only know how. d-flo clearly do know how. We’ve had virtually no downtime in 3 years since implementation, have needed minimal support, but know when we ask d-flo for help it is readily available. The peace of mind this project delivered has been extremely valuable to our business, and given us great confidence and trust in the way d-flo works with us.